Logo Design: The Seven Types And How They Help Your Business
So, first off, let's start with the basics. What’s a logo? A logo is a visual representation of your business. Think of it as the face of your business. You know how sometimes you can remember a person's face before you remember their name? That’s how your logo works for your business. It’s easier for people to remember a picture sometimes than a name. 
Though most logos are some sort of combination of words and graphics, each type of logo will give your business brand a different feel and presence. Think about, again someone you know, what do you like about their face? Do they look friendly? Serious? Professional? Do they have RBF? We want to think about logo design in the same way. So when thinking about what logo design you want it's important to consider what the logo design is communicating about your business. The last thing we want is a logo with RBF! 
So let’s dive into it and see the different benefits and qualities of these seven different logos.
Wordmark Logo Design
A wordmark logo, also known as a logotype, is one of the most commonly used logos. Consisting of a font-based logo. The wordmark logo puts the focus squarely on the business name. These work particularly well when the business has a succinct and unique name that is easily recognizable. 
The danger with wordmarks is they can easily end up with a bored look that doesn't communicate anything about the business. A professional graphic designer can create custom typography for your wordmark logo that can show off your brand's personality and voice. A business that has a longer name should probably consider a different type of logo.
A wordmark logo has the added benefit of being an easier way of putting your business name out there. All your marketing materials would be clearly and easily distinguishable since, well, they have your business name on them. Is a wordmark logo design right for your business? Let’s take a look at the other six logo designs before you make up your mind, shall we?
Wordmark Logo Designs

Examples of Wordmark Logos

Pictorial Mark Logo
A pictorial mark is more commonly known as a logo mark or brand mark. Basically it’s an image logo. This type of logo design relies only on an icon or graphic. It’s most likely what you think of when you think logo design. A true brand mark is only an icon or an image. So for brand new businesses this type of logo can be quite tricky. A business that goes with this type of logo design will need to invest more into marketing to increase it’s brand recognition. If we go back to the face analogy (yes, sorry, but it works). If I just show you a random face with no name or context what would that mean to you? Probably nothing. That’s the difficulty with a logo mark
On the other hand, the benefit of a logo mark, brand mark or pictorial mark, is that if the business deploys its logo well it can with time become instantly recognizable. This type of logo design can be a play on the business name, maybe provide a little insight into what the business does, or even show emotion. It really all depends on your business and how your business wants to be perceived. It’s important to have the right design and choose the right image for your business. That’s where hiring a graphic designer, such as Pencil Club, would be a smart thing to do.
Pictorial Logo Design Examples

Examples of pictorial logos

Emblem Logo Design
The emblem logo consists of fonts contained within a shape. It gives a more traditional feel to the business logo and can leave a lasting impression. The cool thing about an emblem logo is that, for the right business, it can be a mark of pride. The business emblem can become the mark of a certain lifestyle, such as Harley Davidson’s emblem. The traditional look that comes with an emblem can also serve to give a new business a more established feeling. 
It’s important, though, to keep the emblem design simple. A simpler design will allow for a strong and bold logo that is versatile and easier to apply across merchandise.
Emblem logo design examples

Examples of emblem logos

Lettermark Logo
A lettermark logo, or Monogram logo, is as the name implies, a logo made up of letters. Usually businesses with long names will benefit from a lettermark logo. Sometimes, if your business has two or three words in its name, a lettermark might be right for you. Think, for example, of IBM, HBO, HP and I’m sure you get the idea. Long names are easier to remember when you simplify the brand. A lettermark does a great job at not only telling the target audience who the business is but also becoming easier to recall. 
This type of logo design is all about keeping it simple and focused on strong typography. A detail to keep in mind is the type that is created or selected needs to maintain readability at different sizes. Another thing to remember is, if you’re a startup or haven't been in business that long, you should consider including your full business name below the lettermark logo. This will allow your clients to easily associate the lettermark with your brand.
Lettermark logo design examples

Examples of lettermark logos

Abstract Logo 
An abstract logo design is very similar to a pictorial mark. The difference of course is that an abstract logo is, well, abstract. It doesn’t depict anything in the physical world like an image or icon logo would. The abstract logo is a graphic form that represents your business without representing anything easily recognizable, like a bird or an apple. This type of logo design allows your brand to present something truly unique to your customers. 
An abstract logo has the added benefit of being able to describe what your company does, its values or its product in a symbolic way. A skilled graphic designer, like Pencil Club, can use color and form to give meaning and evoke emotion through your brand's logo.
Abstract Logo Design Examples

Examples of abstract logos

Mascot Logo
Who doesn’t love a great mascot? A mascot is an illustrated character that represents your business. This mascot can then be applied and deployed in many ways. This mascot is the ultimate spokesperson for your business and brand. It can be an easy way to show your customers exactly what your brand personality and voice is. A mascot logo design can encourage engagement with your brand. It is super effective with a business or product aimed at families or children.
The Mascot logo design does have its drawbacks. Due to the detail in an illustrated mascot it may not print well at smaller sizes. So it’s important to keep in mind that a mascot logo design is only part of a bigger logo. Which leads us to the last type of logo design.
Mascot Logo Examples

Examples of mascot logo designs

Combination Mark Logo
Well, here it is, the last type of logo design. The combination mark logo is exactly as it sounds: a combination. It’s the mixing of a mascot logo, wordmark logo, pictorial logo, abstract logo or lettermark together. This type of logo design works very well. Potential customers are able to immediately link the imagery with your business. These logos also tend to be easier to trademark since they are so unique to the business.
A combination mark is also the most popular type of logo design. It’s very versatile and unique to each company. Which makes it a great logo for just about any company out there.
Which Logo Design Works Best For Your Business?
So after reading about all these different types of logo design you might be wondering, well which one should I pick? The answer there is… it depends. The best way to find out which logo works best for your business is to work with a professional graphic designer, like Pencil club. A graphic designer can create unique logo designs that will not only visually represent your business well but also be memorable. Are you ready for a new logo? Let’s get to work!
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